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Soapstone Owl

Copper Owl - Repousee and Chasing

Soapstone Ow on Wooden Base

Original carvings in soapstone
Logo - Signature Member of The Society of Animal Artists
Limited edition owls in bronze
Unique miniatures in pewter
One-of-a-kind, framed copper relief

Logo of The Wisconsin Alliance of Artists and Craftspeople, Inc. mm Logo of the Wisconsin Visual Artists


A copper chasing/repousee

Dinner at the Hard Rock, a soapstone sculpture by Clarence P. Cameron

MY APOLOGIES: If you have had trouble reaching me, I apologize. It appears a gremlin entered my website and some instances of my email address contact did not work. At the bottom of this page (only), I am including another email address.
One Note:
I have put all the NEW OWLS on page Soapstone-1 and Soapstone-2. There are still a few nice ones on Soapstone-3. Thank you for your patience. I am having some health issues right now, so my carvings will appear even more slowly. The issues are not life or death, but simply things that impede my desire to carve. I have been to the hospital, for both Bob and me, more times than when I worked there, or so it seems.

A pewter piece, 3 Owls, by Clarence P. Cameron
Another Pewter Owl by Clarence
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Cameron Owls
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